© Christoph Bösch

Ensemble Cordaeola

Christoph Bösch, flutes; Toshiko Sakakibara: clarinets;
Consuelo Giulianelli: harps; Maurizio Grandinetti: guitars

In residence in Liestal at the Kulturscheune, a restored barn which keeps the memory of past times, the Ensemble organizes the concert serie "APEROHR", whose programs stand out for their special guests: Irish folk musicians, a Persian violinist, an Argentinian bandoneon player, a folk clarinettist from the Swiss "Grischun" are just a few of the outstanding musicians invited to join the Ensemble Cordaeola. The public first enjoys the msuic and then meets the musicians for an aperitif.

2019 Ensemble Cordaeola published the CD "Rime" with baroque arias rearranged by Maurizio Grandinetti