© Pino Covino

Duo Meissa

Sylvia Nopper, soprano & Consuelo Giulianelli, mezzosoprano and harp

Sylvia and Consuelo have been performing contemporary music for several years until they decided to add Consuelo's voice to the Duo and change repertoire.
The new Duo/Trio presents French Chansons and German Lieder in a unique dress, that catches the public's heart from the first note.

"...with bewitching, ethereal magic and dream-like poetry… In these duets the enchanting elegance and gracefulness of Sylvia Nopper’s soprano blended in flowing harmony with Consuelo Giulianelli’s warm, mellifluous mezzo-soprano and harp playing of Consuelo Giulianelli..."
"...both performers captured wonderfully the particular style, flair and touching charm of these chansons..."
Badische Zeitung

"...In dialog with one another, the also harpist Nopper and the also singer and reciter Giulianelli mark one of the highlights of Lucerne Festival."
Basler Zeitung